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This is a BRAND NEW, Otoscope Set with handle, otoscope head, a 2mm speculum, a 3mm speculum and a 4mm speculum and HARD CASE. Complete diagnostic set with 5 different instrument heads, all accessories and 3.2v power supply. Includes otoscope, ophthalmoscope, bent arm illuminator,expandable nasal speculum, and tongue depressors and adapters. Hard Shell Fitted carry case. The professional model ophthalmoscope is of excellent quality and gives a very clear picture of the retina. It contains a complete set of lens from -25 to +40 diopters. The lens also contain a polarized filter which reduces corneal reflection. IMPORTANT: Our Otoscope also includes a disposable specula attachment that will allow you to use disposable specula with your otoscope. This is an important consideration if you will be using your otoscope in a clinical environment.