Pro-Physician Crystal Clear Acoustimax

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Crystal Clear AcoustiMax Stethoscope is a unique, single sided pressure sensitive acoustic stethoscope for complete assessment and diagnosis of heart and/or lung sounds in human and animal patients. Our stethoscope excels in medically challenging situations where most stethoscopes do not because it allows for assessment even in noisy environments and/or through dressings or thick clothing, when access to skin is not possible. You will find that it is just as functional if not more than even the best stethoscopes on the market today due to its unique design qualities. Works great in noisy environments. You will not find another stethoscope anywhere that is able to block out the ambient or outside noise like this one.

Same exact quality as the other guys but much less cost!

20% Lighter Weight than the Traditional Stethoscopes

Includes 2 extra pair of comfortable, threaded eartips: measures 30L" providing non-allergic latex free design

Designed with stainless steel inner spring earpiece and heavy-walled 22L" vinyl tubing for maximum durability

Excellent Acoustics Even in Noisy Environments

Lifetime Warranty!

NO RISK GUARANTEE: We know our business depends on happy customers. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy with your purchase. We back this otoscope with a Lifetime Warranty and a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.