Our company was founded by an Emergency Room Physician and a Pediatrician. Our goal was to offer high quality medical diagnostic equipment at a price that was affordable by all.

As physicians who attended medical school we remember very well when the salesmen from the high powered and very high priced medical diagnostic companies who would make their annual visit to our medical school to sell to a very captive audience. Your choice was high priced diagnostic equipment vs. very high priced diagnostic equipment that you had to buy if you wanted to complete your physical diagnosis class. By the time the salesmen were done there was a large class of medical students who had just had their entire net worth cut in half. There were also a couple of salesmen dressed in Italian suits who had made enough to take a nice vacation to Europe and buy more Italian suits.

The sad part about this all was that these now very poor medical students had no idea that most of these high priced diagnostic instruments they just purchased would be used for a semester to complete their physical diagnosis class and then would be packed away in their beautiful leather doctor bags for the next 20 years never to be opened again.

The reality is that most students will go on to work in clinics and hospitals where the wall mounted ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes will be supplied. The last thing you will ever want to do is carry your $500 otoscope/ ophthalmoscope kit around with you in your lab coat or risk setting it at the nurses station. It is much better to use the hospitals equipment instead of your own especially when you consider anyone can now pick your nice little $500 kit go to eBay and cash them out for a very hefty sum (at least in the old days all they had were pawn shops so the kits were not quite so valuable to those with sticky fingers.) Even if you think you may own your own clinic someday you will still find that you will be buying the wall mounted equipment for your exam rooms because it is much more difficult to stick in the pocket of a patient wanting to make a little extra eBay cash compliments of their rich doctor.