Pro-Physician Deluxe Ear, Nose, and Throat Exam Kit

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This was the NUMBER 1 best selling and HIGHEST Rated ENT Kit on AMAZON before Amazon decided they were no longer going to sell OPHTHALMOSCOPES.

This is a BRAND NEW, Beautiful Otoscope Set with handle, otoscope head, a 2mm speculum, a 3mm speculum and a 4mm speculum and CASE. This is a BRAND NEW, Physician Quality Complete E.N.T. Diagnostic Set in a a soft felt lined and cushioned impact resistant lightweight but tough zippered case. It is superbly-crafted from chrome plated brass which is both beautiful as well as durable. This set is built to last a lifetime. This unit makes use of an all important variable light intensity rheostat type switch that delivers an increasing light intensity through the otoscope and ophthalmoscope as you rotate the switch. The ultra-bright lamp uses 3.25 volts of electricity supplied by 2 standard C sized batteries for a very long lasting and bright light. IMPORTANT: The instrument handle utilizes a bayonet luer-locking mechanism for changing the multiple instrument heads included in the kit. The luer locking style is guaranteed to never wear out unlike the cheaper models that use a small screw to hold the heads in place. The heart of any otoscope is in it's lens. Ours uses an Optical quality GLASS lens that is specially-coated to help resist scratches. The lens is hinged and swings out of the way if needed for foreign body removal or cleaning. The otoscope also contains an all metal insufflation outlet instead of plastic. The otoscope comes complete with a set of 3 specula including 2.5mm, 3mm,and 4mm sizes.

The kit also includes an expandable nasal speculum, a bent arm trans-illuminator with a tongue blade holder, tongue blade, and 2 attachable #3 and #4 laryngeal mirrors useful for examination of the oro-pharynx.

The professional model ophthalmoscope is of excellent quality and gives a very clear picture of the retina. It contains a complete set of lens from -25 to +40 diopters. The lens also contain a polarized filter which reduces corneal reflection. Our Ophthalmoscope uses a light for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination. You will be impressed with the functionality of this very well designed and manufactured ophthalmoscope.

IMPORTANT: Our Otoscope also includes a disposable specula attachment that will allow you to use disposable specula with your otoscope. This is an important consideration if you will be using your otoscope in a clinical environment.

Includes Disposable Specula Attachment